Haven’t ridden up Lookout Mountain before? Here are a few benchmarks.

Lookout Mountain Sunrise
road Lookout Mountain

Ride up in 1 hour

You might get passed by other cyclists frequently but there are very few people in the general population who choose to or even can bike up Lookout Mountain (average riding speed 4.5 mph).

50 minutes

A solid improvement over an hour no matter how old you are. (5.4 mph.)

40 minutes

Now you’re getting the hang of it – this could be fun. (6.8 mph.)

35 minutes

A solid ride with good effort. Congratulate yourself. (7.7 mph.)

30 minutes


A significant accomplishment. Please brag to us about this day on the mountain when you accomplish this. (9.0 mph)


You should be very proud of this effort. Many riders have this as a lifetime goal. (9.8 mph.)


Ray Bolton missed this benchmark by four seconds when he was over 70 years old. This is a stellar time for anyone at any age. (10.8 mph.)


Mark this day down on your calendar. And kudos to you if you can hit it again. Few people ever can ride this well once in their lifetime. (12.0 mph.)


This is unbelievably rarified air. The number of riders who make this annual list may not fill a table at a restaurant. (13.5 mph.)


You must have chosen your parents wisely (14.2 mph.)


Start checking to see if this person has competed in the Tour de France. (15.0 mph.)


Darned few- seemingly not human (15.9 mph.)


Nobody we know of (16.9 mph.)

Tom Danielson

has the fastest documented time of 16:04 (16.8 mph.)

And the fastest woman is…


For riders with more interest in endurance than speed or for someone who would like to try something different, here are some challenges. Again, the goal is to eventually create an interactive site where people can record their result(s) for these challenges and perhaps another personal or group challenge that a rider can dream up and work to accomplish.

We will attempt to record the 10 to 20 best records in each category.

Lookout Pillar-to-Post Ascents of 10 or More in One Calendar Day

AscentsName (Last, First)Date (yyyy-mm-dd)MilesElevation GainComments
22?, Rich2015-10-dd204281607PM-7PM 24hrs in memory of Tom Flanagan, 16 2nd day
15Davis, Kent2015-05-24135192001 AM start
13Davis, Kent2013-05-25117166401 AM start
13Davis, Kent2014-05-24117179201 AM start
11Davis, Kent2012-05-2799140801 AM start
10Brune, Rick2005-10-0710013000Start 35 degrees
10Bernheim, Scott2005-11-219012800
10Maguire?, Mike2007-10-0310213000Windy 1 and 2
10Haraway, Chuck2007-10-319113140High temperature 42 degrees
10Brune, Rick2007-10-319313440High temperature 42 degrees

Lookout Pillar-to-Post Ascents in One Calendar Month

AscentsName (Last, First)Date (yyyy-mm)
106Bolton, Ray2010-07

Lookout Pillar-to-Post Ascents in One Calendar Year

AscentsName (Last, First)Date (yyyy)
860Bolton, Ray2005
630Bolton, Ray2008
626Bernheim, Scott2005
506Brune, Rick2005
326Haraway, Chuck2005

Lifetime Ascents of Lookout Mountain from Pillar to Post

Lifetime AscentsName (Last, First)Start (yyyy-mm-ddDateEnd (yyyy-mm-dd)Comments
7915Bolton, Ray????-mm-dd03/31/2020Additional undocumented rides not included
3001Haraway, Chuck????-??-??2020-11-nn

Consecutive Days Riding Pillar-to-Post on Lookout at least Once Per Day

DaysName (Last, First) Start (yyyy-mm-dd)Last (yyyy-mm-dd)Total Ascents
153Bolton, Ray????-??????-mm-dd390
96Bolton, Ray

Consecutive Months Riding Pillar-to-Post at least Once Per Month

MonthsName (Last, First) Start (yyyy-mm)Last (yyyy-mm)Comments
484Cook, Marion2020-02Minimum number
387Bolton, Ray2020-03

Groundhog Progression - Pillar-to-Post Rides/Day Increased By One Beginning With One on Day 1 Up To 10 On Day 10

Name (Last, First)Start Date (yyyy-mm-dd)End Date (yyyy-mm-dd)Total RidesTotal Miles
Haraway, Chuck55