This father/son and good friend trio were ready to ascend Lookout this last Saturday.  Originally from Dortmund, Germany, Klaus has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and moved to the US to work for Dow Chemical.  He started cycling in 2006 due to a hip problem after an athletic career running marathons.  

His son Marian used to ride his father’s bicycle to the grocery when he was young.  He returned to Germany for some of his schooling.  

Twenty five year old Jacques grew up in Mexico City.  He and Marian met in Austin after Jacques had received his Master’s degree in Connecticut. They shared an interest to “Go climb a mountain” and here all three of them are pictured preparing to do just that.

They agree that the Tour of the Moon is a Colorado favorite ride, along with the ride to Carter Lake.  But the most enticing account was about riding in the Canary Islands.  That cycling destination is now very high on my own list.