Though TL is originally from Bellingham, Washington, she went to Wells College in upstate New York for her undergraduate degree, majoring in Sociology and Anthropology.  She has been in Denver for the last fifteen years and works in literacy development and English language development for Denver Public Schools.  

She has always cycled, riding back and forth to high school way back when- and riding multi day trips for many of the last twenty years.  

If she were to recommend an area for another cyclist to enjoy, she “hands down” would mention the San Juan Islands in northwest Washington state.  “There you have good climbing hills and wonderful views.”

TL still plans to ride through the United States from Canada to Mexico on backroads during a time frame when she is not “working, running, hiking, or singing”.  Oh, yes, she even sings with the Denver Women’s Chorus and is presently in Minneapolis at a music festival.  (She freely admits that she“doesn’t sit still well”…..} 

Good on you, TL.  That type of energy also serves you well on Lookout Mountain.