Ryan grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and was friends with Benj Hoffner, the son of my friends, Scott and Susan Hoffner.  He now builds houses here in the metropolitan area.  Ryan graduated from the University of Colorado with an engineering degree.  Though he went to graduate school in furniture design, Ryan eventually got into building the whole house for customers of Buildwell.  

Ryan’s mother got him into cycling.  She was an accountant and lives in Boulder.  She would head out for a one to two hour ride on her daily lunch break. She still cycles regularly at seventy six years old. Good on you, Ryan’s Mom!

Ryan counsels riders that the key to good cycling is consistency and during the heat of the summer, an early start is favorable.  

To find his favorite ride, you will have to search Yellowjacket Pass.  It is out there somewhere between Craig and Meeker.