Ludwig, the fellow who puts out water jugs for cyclists to refill their bottles on the corner of 19th and Parfet Estates Drive, also allows a couple young entrepreneurs to peddle their baked goods for the cyclists who are heading up to ride Lookout Mountain from down in Golden.  In this case, it was Father’s Day, June 16th.  

According to the sign- neighbors Logan, a student at Shelton Elementary and his buddy, Liam, a student at Bell Middle School in Golden, made all the baked goods that they offered in the shade this day.  Since it was Father’s Day, there was a twenty five percent discount for qualifying cyclists.  The most enticing offerings were the lemonade and cool drinks on the table.  

Both of them ride mountain bikes for GBX- the Golden Biking Experience.

They are rescheduling their aid station again for the Fourth of July.