On this Sunday on Lookout Mountain the day was warming quickly.  I appreciated that James took the time to talk when he could have gotten an earlier start.  

James grew up just outside Atlanta in Donlonega, Georgia and got his college degree from North Georgia College.  His degree was in business and marketing and he joined the United States Army and became a Human Resources Manager.  When he moved to Colorado in 2003, he lived and worked in Colorado Springs, then moved to Denver in 2009.  He was familiar with staying in good physical shape from being in the military and his wife introduced him to cycling.  James started riding on a used mountain bike, but found he enjoyed riding the roads even more and his riding kept him in good shape for his biannual military physical fitness test.  The Elephant Rock Ride convinced him that he needed to concentrate on his endurance to finish the ride with a strong finish and not with “a gorilla on my back’.  He has finished the Moab Road Race that features the “Little Nasty and the Big Nasty” climbs.  He is now an eighteen year cycling veteran on Lookout Mountain.

A note:  This next week is Lookout Week.  Organized by lawyer Megan Hottman, the interested cyclists start rolling from the parking lot at Beverly Heights Park right at 6 AM.  The automobile traffic is usually very light at that time of the morning, but you will find cyclists coming down the mountain even at that hour.