Though he lives most of the year in Venice, Florida, Ralph leaves a bicycle with his son and daughter-in-law to make it available for his cycling adventures in Colorado.  This was his first trip up Lookout since flying from Florida ( max elevation 212 feet) and he referred to himself as a “Dumb ___”  for tackling a mountain starting ABOVE a mile ABOVE sea level.  

Ralph was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio and got his engineering degree from the University of Virginia.  He then had quite a career, working on clutches and brakes for big equipment, engineering tunnel bores including the Chunnel (or Channel Tunnel) from England to France, boring underground holes for the myriad of subways under Hong Kong, doing some kind of exotic work on a volcano on Reunion Island east of South Africa and even working on nuclear submarines.  In the 1980’s he even helped bore a hole upright in a mountain that would require blowing the top off the mountain to launch a doomsday ICBM.  (Gulp)

Ralph retired about nine years ago and now he just wants to explore western Colorado via some road routes. 

Ralph biked as a kid, finished some triathlons, got out of shape and then back in shape about ten years ago.  Take look at the picture.  Does he look in shape now?  You bet.