Doctor Humes, a radiologist, is gearing up to fly to Italy with his wife to watch the last twelve days of the 2024 Giro d’Italia- a race watching journey hosted by  They plan to ride to the top of a climb in the Dolomites and wave an American flag- even though Sepp Kuss and some other American riders will be competing stateside during this year’s Giro event.  Spectating along the Amalfi Coast last year, Dr. Humes and his wife collected and consumed the contents of an abandoned musette bag after watching the musette-intended cyclist disappear in the distance.  His wife is originally from Italy so he has a private tour guide accompanying him to give him suggestions for his local culinary choices- served at a table this year. It will be a civilized upgrade of Italian dining rather than rooting through an abandoned team bag left on the side of the road.

Originally from Nashville, his educational journey included stops at Washington University in Saint Louis, Case Western Reserve in Cleveland and Northwestern University in Chicago.  Dr. Humes is now in private practice here in the Denver area.

Locally, he enjoys joining the Ride Collective which hosts cyclists on routes closed to automobile traffic, such as the Enchanted Circle Ride and the Tour of the Moon.