Kevin was born in Hettinger, North Dakota. His family moved to Denver when he was six years old and he graduated from Pomona High School.  He attended Metro for a while and got a pilot’s license from Airwest Flight School to become an Airwest pilot, flying cargo for three years for AMR Corporation before he moved into finance to work in wealth management with his father.  He joined the family business in 1995 and plied his trade for twenty years.  

Though he is still consulting, his passion lately has been his cycling.  This will be his first year attempting to finish the Ride Across Wisconsin- a 235 mile one day effort.  As preparation, he has ridden the Triple Bypass four times and climbed to the top of Mount Evans.  He considers himself a “hooked again” cyclist who still has aspirations to ride L’alpe d’huez during some cycling adventure in the future.

Good on you, Kevin.  Keep those aspirations alive and working for you.