These are the skateboarders that you might have seen coming down Lookout Mountain at some point.  They call themselves “The Dawn Patrol” because they ride as early as possible to avoid both car traffic and bicycle traffic.  The fellows pictured here are left to right:  Adam, Jeffrey Cordova, Luis, Aaron Hampshire, Dre Nubine, Mike Britton, Gavin Starkey and Ben Euresti.  Two of their cohorts, Adrian Cordova and Carson Scheig called emergency services when Christie Hurst crashed her bicycle while descending in the top mile of Lookout.  Though she was dazed and unaware of her condition, Adrian and Carson stayed with her and kept her calm until the emergency services arrived to get her the help she desperately needed.  A former bicycle messenger in downtown Denver and now a competitive cyclist, Kristie very much appreciated their efforts and needed their attention.  Though you may initially think that these fellows are wild and crazy, they are personable and friendly and willing to look out for each other and the cyclists who ride the mountain.  Give them a friendly wave if you see them.  You may need them the way Christie did some day.