When fifty three year old Troy and I started talking at the bottom of Lookout Mountain, we soon realized that we probably could converse for hours.  As it was, we probably talked for forty five minutes or an hour.

He was born and reared in Lakewood and went to Alameda High School.  After getting a G.E.D., he attended Red Rocks Community College for machining classes because he liked cars.  He then started building racing motors for the rally industry.  He used to race himself, but has given that up in favor of cycling on or off road.  (He is sad that Bandimere is moving out to the vicinity of DIA.)  

To a certain degree as a result of that switch, he manages to make about one emergency room visit a year due to some sort of cycling mash up.  His shoulder, his leg, a toe and a finger have all received medical attention thanks to those incidents.  He has even had a head on collision with another cyclist on a bike path when the other fellow failed to give him the right of way (The other fellow was passing a woman walking some dogs.)  But any time that he gets injured, he forces himself to get back on the bike and give it another go.  He spots rattlesnakes on North Table Mountain and even found a wolf spider that was as large as a tarantula while on a bike ride.

Troy usually gets in about a sixty mile ride if he heads out toward Cherry Creek Reservoir.  He has even ridden segments two and three of the Colorado Trail and enjoys his visits to the Golden Bike Park.  

Thanks for your time, Troy.  I certainly enjoyed our conversation.