I personally would like to thank the person who returned my seat pack from Lookout Mountain sometime in the last three weeks.

The pack itself was sewn onto a strap that attached to the back of my Litespeed’s seat.  It came apart as I was riding Lookout some weeks ago and landed on the pavement.  The pack contained an expired driver’s license that showed my address.  I thought that, if another rider found it, that that person might try to contact me to retrieve it.  My thought was that if I did not get it back in about ten days, I would contact the DMV and report it missing.

This was just about the time that we were getting the big snows in the last few weeks.  I do remember hearing what I thought was a knock at the door a while back.  That occurrence sends our dogs into barking frenzies and I try to settle them down and isolate them instead of  having pandemonium at the front door.  When I finally looked out the door, I saw no one.  Later, after shoveling the snow from the steps up to the door, I saw this pictured situation on the front door handle.  Not only had someone found my disattached pack, but that person had personally returned it to the our address.

Whoever you are……thank you for your exceptional consideration and for going out of your way to return my seat pack.

Chuck Haraway