When I talked to Sam, I mentioned that he seemed younger than I expected.  He added that he also was not nearly as wealthy as his unrelated, deceased namesake, the founder of Walmart.  He also mentioned that, in January 2021, he weighed 237 pounds.  He is now down to 186 pounds thanks to his trusty Trek bicycle and hopes to reach 175 pounds later this year.  In the last three years he has become a Category 3 criterium rider, cycling for the Reynolds Roofing Racing team.  He hails from Sacramento, CA and attended Cal Lutheran where he competed in swimming.  (Sam also mentioned that he neglected to drop his caloric intake when his collegiate swimming career finished.) Sam and his wife have a daughter and two sons with another child on the way.  If that does not keep him busy enough, he has cycled close to seven thousand miles a year for the last three years.  He has a PR on Lookout of 25:18, but hopes to get his time down to close to 23 minutes this year in preparation for the Golden Gran Fondo.

Professionally, Sam is a market researcher for Smith Geiger.