Stephen will graduate from the Colorado School of Mines in just a few weeks.  Growing up in Fullerton, CA as the son of an also cycling father who professionally was a forensic scientist, Stephen got his first mountain bike when he was thirteen years old.  Stephen worked in a bike shop and a steel mill before heading to Golden to major in geological engineering. He switched to road biking after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a mountain bike race when he went head first into the berm of the course.  He finished the race on that ninety degree day with a sight headache, but the consequences of the fall kept him out of school until January of 2020.  He has ridden for the (five time national championship) Mines Mountain biking team though he does not consider himself a serious racer.  He just returned from hiking to Everest Base Camp (via Chola Pass) in Nepal a few months ago and plans to cycle in Northern Italy and Switzerland this summer.  (He hopes to squeeze in a climb up the Stelvio.) In Colorado he loves riding in the San Juan Mountains and the local route around Lookout, Kerr Gulch, Witter Gulch and back the renamed Squaw Pass route. Stephen allows that there are not many places in Colorado that he does not love to ride.  One of his claims to fame locally is that he has ridden twenty four laps of Lookout in twenty three hours (he had to knock off an hour before the one day deadline).