Spencer grew up in Boston on the north shore and has been cycling since he was fourteen years old.  He started racing when he was sixteen and joined a team at seventeen years old.  By the time he was nineteen years old, he was a category 1 rider.  His home of operations was Riverside Cycle.  He went to college at Duke University and graduated in biomedical engineering.  He has been here in Colorado since last August, but he still races for the Miami Blazers Cycling Team, an affiliation that he has had since 2017.  His focus has always been that All American specialty-criterium riding.  He enjoys the strategy and the tactics of criteriums and says that European riders come here to hone their skills in that area.   He mentioned that he is not a professional by UCI standards.  He is paid, but he is not a full time rider.  Since he has a mechanical bent, he likes to do his own wrenching on the bike.

When he was younger, he went to the nationals in swimming (his event was the one mile freestyle), so he also has a good future as a triathlete, but only has competed in triathlon events a couple of times. 

His travels have taken him to many places in the world, but he enjoys the warmth of Malaga, Spain.  

His vision for the sport is simply “to get more people on bikes”.