Sorry about the lapse, everyone, but I fractured another pelvic bone on December 30, and this fracture took a bit longer to heal.  But finally I am back to profiling athletes on Lookout on this warm, windy Sunday in February.

I do have some exceptional news, though.  I have been keeping in touch with Jaime Lopez during 2023 and have been astounded at his progress running Lookout.  Jaime is the fellow who woofs and breathes out loud when he runs the mountain.  He related to me that he had run 193 laps on Lookout last year.  That is in addition to his totals of 116 in 2022 and 93 in 2021.  In the last eleven years, Jaime has run 846 laps up Lookout.  His wife thinks that he needs to gain some weight as he is now very lean at 162 pounds.  Jaime would like to get a bit skinnier.  He works as a chef at the Cherry Hills Country Club and at the Denver Aquarium. He will turn 49 years old on April 20th.  

If you see him running up Lookout, encourage him- maybe even as he passes you as you ride.  (He started behind me, passed me twice thanks to his good behavior of depositing the plastic bottle from which he had been drinking in the trash part of the way up and finished ahead of me.)  He’ll probably call you “Bud” and woof a few times, but his dedication to staying in shape on Lookout is exceptional and he is enthusiastic about sharing his interest.