Marie is rather new to cycling as she has only been riding for two years, but her enthusiasm for the sport is undeniable.  She was born and grew up- not in Alamosa, Colorado, but in Anamosa, Iowa.  Her father was an (family occupation following) Iowa farmer.  But as the oldest child of four children, she plowed her family’s way into the nursing profession.  She originally graduated from the University of Iowa with a business degree with a minor in Spanish, but after a few years in the business world, she decided to become a nurse.  Then her mother became a nurse.  Then her younger sister became a nurse.  She now works for Amplifire, writing text to educate other nurses using ‘brain science’.   

Marie loves Lookout because 1. two friends, both named Sarah, introduced her to cycling the mountain 2. she has seen a woman playing a guitar on the side of the road, 3. she sees unicyclists and skateboarders using the same route as she,  3. paragliders fly overhead, 4. weddings have been performed as she rode by and 5. there is abundant wildlife.  She almost collided with a deer as a matter of fact. But she handles her second hand bicycle (a very nice one that she bought on Craig’s List for a very good price by the way) very well since she likes to fly downhill.