This was Eric’s second ride up Lookout Mountain.  He graduated from the University of Scranton in business Management and is Product or Production Manager for a tech startup. He has been in Colorado for four years. He says that he is just a casual cyclist and does like mountain biking and gravel riding. His favorite courses are Buffalo Creek and West Magnolia Park in Nederland.  He also visits trails around Blackhawk and Genesee Park.  He has fun on his bicycle more than anything else.  

The picture above was taken on the lower switchback on the Clearcreek Canyon side of the Lookout climb.  I waited for about ten minutes to see if I could catch a motorist crossing the yellow line on a blind corner, but was very glad to see that no motorists did so.  If your ride Lookout very many times, you will certainly see a car cross the centerline to pass a cyclist since there is no bike lane and cars are supposed to give us three feet of clearance while passing any cyclist.  Most cars will follow a cyclist until there is an adequate vision of the descending traffic- but not always. That is why descending cyclists MUST use caution when you cannot see more than 100 yards ahead.  Reduced speed and staying to the right on blind corners gives a cyclist enough time to avoid a car if a driver makes the mistake of attempting to pass before he/she can see the descending traffic.  There are certainly times when a driver will take the whole left lane to pass a cyclist.  Please always give yourself enough time to avoid such a situation.