The two coaches of the University of Denver XC ski team tell me that their biggest competition since they last won the national collegiate title in 2018 (which combines both nordic and alpine skiing) is the University of Utah which has won the last four straight national titles. The D.U. ski team placed third last year.  The D.U. team often trains on Lookout Mountain in their preseason for a good uphill workout.  They also visit Bear Creek Lake Park, Washington Park, Cherry Creek State Park and the renamed Squaw Pass.  About half of the 6 man, 6 woman XC team is comprised of skiers originally from outside North America.  

Rogan is originally from Durango, but he skied for the University of Vermont when he was in college. He was a bit older than this year’s winner of cycling’s Vuelta de España, but knows of Sepp Kuss because Sepp’s father is a ski coach and Sepp also was a XC skier when he was in high school in Durango.

Cate just started coaching for D.U. a few months ago.  She came from the Boston area where she was coaching at the high school level.  

If you see the ski team, cheer them on as they train.  There are some exceptional athletes skiing for D.U. this year….and the coaches are very personable.