Sally was born in New York, but grew up in Worthington, Ohio- on the outskirts of Columbus.  Her father was the head of the Physical Education Department at Ohio State University.  She said that Woody Hayes would come to their house for dinner occasionally.   (I might still have Woody’s autograph that I shyly requested at a restaurant when, as a young teenager, I was prompted by my parents to man up and face the legendary Ohio State Football coach. As you would expect, Woody was gracious and willing to grant my request.)


Though Sally received her degree from OSU in communication, she moved to Colorado and became the first woman in the state to hold her job in hydro- production of electricity.   She worked swing shifts for Excel Energy at the Cabin Creek Facility on Guanella Pass and at the balancing center in Golden for 36 years before retiring.  She admits that if she had a chance to start her career over, she would probably follow her father’s lead and get a job in physical education.

She has cycled all her life in the mountains and on the roads, but it was not easy to be consistent while working shift work.  She recently rode the Wild Horse Gravel Ride. Her favorite courses are Lookout and the trails around Evergreen.