These two are both accomplished cyclists in their own right….. and Jackson is still looking forward to his tenth birthday.

Davidson college graduate and Johns Hopkins Medical School graduate, Dr. Clyde Wright on the right in the above picture did his residency in Wisconsin and something regarding his medical education after that in Philadelphia.  He is a neonatal physician at Children’s Hospital and at University Hospital.  He saw his first real patient when he was thirty six years old.  That is a lot of education, but it has served him well.  

After having a knee injury in college that kept him from cycling, he started road riding in Philadelphia and would commute thirteen miles on his bicycle.  Now days he enjoys riding the Highline Canal Trail here in Denver.  He raced some in 2013 but now simply enjoys off road cyclocross and mountain biking.  

Jackson however is the real racer in the family.  He races cyclocross and has won the race for his age group from Idaho Springs to Echo Lake as part of the Bob Cook/Mount Evans race.

Both are cycling fit and enjoy visiting Lookout Mountain to train.