Joyanne makes no excuses for cycling with toe clips and running shoes because that is how she feels the most comfortable.  And is easy to see that she personally feels very comfortable in her own skin.  She commented that she really has nothing to hide when I asked if I could also take a picture of her for the profile.  Cool.  

She grew up in the Ken Caryl area, graduating from high school at Chatfield.  She attended New Mexico State University and graduated with a degree in Speech Pathology.  She has worked at Children’s Hospital for nineteen years in A.A.C.- augmentative alternative communication.  She teaches children with speech challenges how to communicate. (She has such an open, vibrant personality that she  helps everyone she meets with communication whether speech problems are involved  or not.) 

When she was young, she taught herself to ride her bicycle with no hands in a circular fashion in her driveway.  She also does not limit herself to living in a proscribed area or with many other limitations.  She has lived in South America for about a total of about two years- Argentina, Ecuador, Peru- thanks to the influence of good friends.

One of her favorite rides is the MS 150 which she has ridden with her brother.

Thank you, Joyanne, it was a pleasure to speak with you.  You first name seems very appropriate.