Jordan works for the Denver Parks and Recreation Department as an administrative assistant and part time bike mechanic-  an interesting combination.  But a little over a week ago I am sure that the bike mechanic part came in handy as DP&R put on the Kid’s Triathlon in Washington Park.  It made my head swim as more than forty years ago the director of the Rec Center in Washington Park, Shelley Gorman, and I got together to organize Denver’s first triathlon that was competed completely inside Washington Park.  A kid’s triathlon soon followed.  The adult version lasted ten years, but apparently the version for the younger athletes survived and flourishes today.  

Jordan grew up in Grand Junction where he attended Cap Rock Academy.  His degree from the University of Denver is in philosophy where he also was a research assistant and mentor for undergraduates. He also worked at Campus Bicycles, Gorilla Gravity and a solar energy company.  

One of his favorite bicycle experiences involved riding over Rollins Pass to Winter Park and back, hiking over the pass with his bicycle since the old railroad tunnel has been closed for many years.    

His female partner is a student enrolled at the law school at the University of Denver.

Jordan-  thanks for the memories even though they were formed well before your first bicycle ride.