I am really sorry not to have gotten a picture of Doctor Reichman, but this picture of the cyclist statue down at the bottom of Lookout Mountain taken during the Labor Day Weekend will have to suffice in this instance.  

Doctor Reichman grew up in Van Nuys, California and did his undergraduate work at UC Santa Cruz.  He got his M.D. from Truoro University in Vallejo, California.  His residency was served in Long Beach and he now works for UC Health as a primary care doctor.  He and his wife have been in Colorado for three years and they are adjusting to winter weather during Colorado’s “cooler months”.  His wife works for Hunter Douglas.

Daniel said that the ride from their house down by City Park is a “Fun Forty” mile ride for him. 

And one of his favorite quotes came from his mother-in-law.  She told them “Sometimes when things are easy- just let them be easy.”  I trust that advice included his riding up Lookout Mountain from City Park.  From his casual demeanor while we were talking at Buffalo Bill’s on the top of the Lookout climb, I judge that this probably was true for him in this instance.