This was my first diversely international profile.  These three grew up in different countries and are now neighbors.  

Scott on the left was born in Youngstown, Ohio, but mostly grew up in Houston.  He received a degree from the University of Texas, then went on to get an MBA.  His main occupation was in the wine business for 30 plus years.  He moved to Colorado in 2003 and started cycling in 2004.  He has ridden Seattle to Portland (the STP), the Denver Century, the Tour of the Moon in Grand Junction and the Double Triple Bypass.

Rotem in the center is from Holem, Israel, a suburb of Tel Aviv.  He received his bachelor’s degree in Israel and received his Masters degree from Cambridge College in Boston.  He is a psychotherapist who moved to Colorado in 2014.  He has been riding for 34 years. 

Jean was born in Viet Nam in a seacoast village.  He grew up in Grenoble, France and attended Polytechnic Institute, achieving a degree in electrical engineering.  He worked for eight years for the French Government on ski lift certification. Jean moved to the US in 1998 and has worked here for 28 years in the snow making industry.  He has granted his expertise in snowmaking to Olympic efforts in the US and Korea.