I think that Glenn and Deb are on to something.  Glenn worked in advertising for trade magazines.  Deb was an ESL teacher in the Denver Public Schools and can also speak German and Spanish.  As a result, they can venture into out of the way places and record their exploits for YouTube and we get to travel with them at absolutely no cost to the video consumer.  We can join them vicariously in the comfort of our own living rooms as they cycle, hike and relax in venues in the US and around the world. It takes time to combine all the videos with music and narratives/titles and develop a finished product.  Glenn and Deb have done an excellent job documenting their adventures for others to enjoy.  You may see them on YouTube at “Deb and Glenn’s Travel Adventures”.  The two that he recommends that we see are the Deb and Glenn’s  Fully Loaded Bicycle Tour of the Sierra Cascades 2016 and Deb and Glenn’s Fully Loaded Bicycle Tour and Hike in Glacier/Waterton National Parks 2017.  They are both over an hour long and well worth your viewing time.

They also recommend warmshowers.org, a website “that cyclists use to host or be hosted by other cyclists when they are on their adventures”.  They have stayed with several interesting people such as a college professor at LSU and they have hosted a cyclist from South Korea who was riding fully loaded from LA to New York.  

The trip that is featured in the photo at the top of the page was taken at the end of their Route 66 Bicycle Tour.  They rode self-contained from Chicago to Santa Monica in three months.  It is not unusual for them to travel by train to a starting point, ride an extended tour and return to Colorado by train.They have ridden cross country with the help of Cycle America on a wavy route (4200 miles) from Seattle to Boston.  They have toured the west coast of the United States.  Toting 50-70 pounds of gear, they ride 35-50 miles a day.  

On foot, they have hiked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago in Spain and leave to hike the 170 mile Portuguese Camino this month.

Few folks whom I have met are as adventurous as these two.  They are staying young by staying active.