This was a day for some of Colorado’s heavy hitters to be cycling Lookout Mountain.  

Tom Pitstick on the far left is the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning for Gates- “thanks to a single elevator ride”.  He is a Notre Dame and Stanford grad and migrated from his engineering background to marketing during his career.  Tom’s traveling recommendation is to visit Italy where he has dined on some incredible meals after his rides.  

Zack- on the right in the left picture and on the left in the right picture- really enjoys the camaraderie of cycling.  He does not mind cycling slowly and enjoying the experience.  He says that an electric assist bicycle is just the ticket for him to get out with his friends and hit the road since he has the limitation of no collarbone on his right side.  Zack has ridden Ride the Rockies.  Oh, and as the forty year “chairman and co-founder of Sage Hospitality, a company specializing in creating, investing and operating lifestyle hotels and restaurants nationally”, he is a busy man when he is not riding with his cohorts. He has an impressive resume to combine with his congenial personality.

Threading the group together is Ken Gart (if you have lived here in Colorado for a while, you probably recognize the name).  Ken graduated from Cherry Creek High School and Middlebury College in Vermont.  His MBA is courtesy of his studies at Stanford.  Of course his business background with the Gart Companies and Specialty Sports Venture LLC can make your head swim, so to speak, but he was also chairman of the Board of Denver Bike Sharing which was the first major city-wide bike sharing in the US.  He also was the bicycle czar for former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Ken’s goal was to make Colorado more bike friendly.  I believe Bob Roll, Sepp Kuss and all the riders on Lookout Mountain would agree that Ken has succeeded well beyond expectations.  

Ken still gets his cycling friends to ride Lookout Mountain with him.  By the way, if you ever run into this group, Ken is the fellow who still stretches before cycling.  He practices first hand what his family has helped to provide the athletic equipment for multi-generational athletes to do in Colorado for decades.  (He has ridden Denver to Aspen.)  Besides that, he is personally a very considerate person.