Take a good look at this photo.  The last time that I saw a bicycle this size was at Louisville Cyclery and Scott Adlfinger told me that it belonged to Bill Hanzlik of the Denver Nuggets.  

Matt said that he was short when he was young. But then he grew….and grew…..and grew…to six feet/eight inches tall.  At times it was painful to grow that much that quickly.  He attended Heritage High School, Arapahoe Community College, Front Range Community College and CSU Global.  He stuck with his education goals and gained his degree twenty five years after he started college.  He has worked for F.I.S. (banking software) as a project manager for the last twenty five years.  After he got into athletics when he was in his early thirties about ten years ago, he lost fifty pounds.

I have never seen a bicycle as prepared for any eventuality as Matt’s.  The bike itself is a Clydesdale, a production model made by Leonard Zinn.  Matt had front and rear cameras…..extra water bottle holders, a phone mount, and a mount under his seat that seemingly could also hold the kitchen sink.  Somewhat early on in his athletic career, he entered a half Ironman distance event but was pulled for time during the run.  That did not disappoint him.  He has finished the Harvest Moon Ride out of Boulder, Bike MS rides in Utah, Arizona and Wyoming.  He enjoys riding to Ward from Boulder, riding Rabbit Mountain and Lookout.  His most recent goal is to run a half marathon in all fifty states.  His twentieth will soon be a half marathon in Detroit.  

Never count Matt out.  He knows from experience how to hang in there.