Lucas felt like he had moved to another planet when his family moved from Louisiana to Greenwich, Connecticut when he was twelve years old. So he went to college at Tulane to get back to his roots.  His graduate degree in hydrogeology is from the University of Nevada.  He is now a consultant for New Fields, an international company that specializes in gold and silver mining.

He rode a mountain bike back in his college days, but had three black surgeries that ended many of his athletic interests, including skiing, until he got his new Cervelo last year.  Today he was headed up Lookout and over toward Grapevine Road to loop through Red Rocks to finish his loop.  He lives close to Washington Park and today he drove over to the foothills to ride a new route.  

Lucas loves the riding and enjoys the cyclists he meets.     

Back at you, Lucas.  Thanks for taking the time to chat a bit.