This was Curtis’s first ride up Lookout Mountain, so he had checked this website and noticed that the recent profile of Neil McCleary mentioned that Neil’s specialty was cathodic protection of pipelines.  He thought, “Yep I have done that.”  So I think that he felt right at home on the mountain.  Originally from Michigan, he has been here in Colorado for about two and a half years, having gone to CSU for his college degree and realized how many lifetime athletes prowl the local roads on their bicycles.  His father was an oil and gas man back in the day and Curtis graduated from high school in Houston.  He is a new father to his seven month old daughter, so he is just starting to get back into shape by knocking the dust off his road bike when he is not traveling for work.  Curtis has previously ridden the MS 150 in Texas and finished the Austin half Ironman Triathlon.  

These two cycling friends work together.  Adam was a originally a military brat who grew upon California.  His degree in mechanical engineering came from the University of New Mexico and his first job involved vibration and the structural integrity of a nuclear power plant.  (Did I get that right?). He has visited or cycled in South Korea, France and Russia and over 60 locations in the United States.  Having cycled in college on a Surly Long Haul Trucker, he has also rode in Europe five times, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.  He recommends the Danube Bike path (the Donau Radwed), which you can ride in 5 phases of about 40-60 miles per day to the Black Sea.