Saint Louis native Bryson will turn 40 year old on August 10th and he has packed a lot of living into his first 40 years.  He started college at the University of Kansas  and received his degree from the University of Colorado- Colorado Springs.  He played baseball at 230 pounds but realized, after losing 35 pounds through cardiovascular exercise, that the felt more in tune with his body. He spent seven years in Avon working for Sports Authority, being a property manager, fitting ski boots, tuning mountain bikes and selling whatever it is that they sell at a dispensary.  He has put in 130 days of skiing in a single season.  He was a downhill skateboarder in addition to working on his turns while skiing. 

Bryson is the first rider with whom I have spoken who has quoted both Greg LeMond (“It never gets easier, you just get faster.”) and Jens Voigt (“Shut up legs.”) during the same conversation.

Unfortunately he lost his mother to Covid in the last three years, just like those of us who put together the website lost Ray Bolton, the Sheriff of Lookout.  

When he moved to Denver and became an account executive in tech sales for Pax 8, he would ride from his home by Sloan’s Lake to Lookout and up the mountain. 

Now he rides his gravel bike in Steamboat, enjoys the Trinidad Dirtfest, and finished the Triple Bypass last week.