There are a few very impressive things about Josh that you may not notice the first time that you meet him.  One is his impressive balance while staying in the same place.  He is one of those riders who does not need to get his foot out of the pedal when he is stopped at an intersection.  He just stands up and tweaks his front wheel to stay in place. The second characteristic I learned from his friend, Lance.  Not only Josh never late to meet someone, he is reliably early.  

A Bear Creek High School graduate, he later attended art school for photography.  He started cycling as a mountain biker and started helping out at the now defunct Track Shack, then moved over to the Urban Cyclist where he was introduced to the owner of Cinelli bicycles. This relationship got him to Italy where he met and rode with the Cinelli cycling team.  As you can see above, everything about him smacks of a serious cyclist.  He allows that his PR on Lookout is abut 21:00, but it may be faster.  His recent business venture is Rivas Pedicabs.  From six PM until whenever, he transports up to four people accompanied by lights and music to wherever they would like to go around Boulder or Denver, depending on the timing of events.

A friend has ridden a single speed track bike from Denver to New York City accompanied by his son.  Josh aspires to duplicate that trek himself.