Ben is one of those Lookout cyclists who actually grew up in Colorado- and he was 35 years old on this seven-eleven, the day that I talked to him.  He lived in Boulder and Longmont and went the University of Denver for his undergraduate degree.  He even told me that D.U. had the largest collection of Steinway pianos either in the U.S. or west of the Mississippi- I can’t recall- when we discussed that Condolezza Rice was practically a concert level pianist when she was a sixteen year old freshman at D.U.

Ben’s degree was in finance and he has transitioned into IT and corporate financial planning, consulting with a company out of Dallas.

He has taken up road cycling recently and is planning to ride the Courage classic this coming weekend.  His training included riding Squaw Pass the previous day. Up until recently he was a gravel rider who enjoyed his trips to Steamboat Springs.  Now he visits the Denver Trail system often, riding the Platte and the Cherry Creek trails.