I must admit that some people are impressive even before I strike up a conversation with them.  Sarah is one of those people.  Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, she has been here in Colorado since February.  She is a compliance officer for Wells Fargo.  And she loves cycling in the mountains.  Her introduction to Colorado involved the Boulder Triathlon and the Courage Classic even before she moved here. She has ridden the Tour of the Mississippi River from Bettendorf to Davenport and back.  Her son, Henry de Angelis, attended the University of Colorado, Denver.  Though her daughter attended the University of Miami in Florida, she also lives in Colorado.  

Sarah is the first person with whom I have spoken who has finished the Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco.

Good on you, Sarah.  Thank you for your time and your stories.  I hope that I got all these details straight.