There is a lot more to this story than I was able to write down last Saturday.  The two people with whom I spoke on this day are the people to the right center of the picture above.  Beverly and Mario are volunteers who help with a cycling program for youth along with Eric Eiteljorj on the left.  

Both of them are originally from Illinois, although Beverly allowed as though she is “mostly native” to Colorado.  Mario attended the University of Southern Illinois and Beverly went to the University of Illinois.  They now live in Golden. Mario works in the courier and logistics business for Denver Area Express and Bev has her own business called Streamline for helping people organize themselves and their lives.  Their three children are spread out in Colorado and in North Carolina.  

They are planning a ride with Backroads to Portugal since they have ridden Ride the Rockies and the Courage Classic here in Colorado in the past.

They mentioned that they enjoy the 404 (?) trail in Crested Butte and Beverly called back to say that her favorite ride was actually the Tour of the Moon outside Grand Junction even though she had earlier mentioned Rabbit Ears Pass originally.  Both are excellent rides.