Peter and Bethany are both Coloradans from the start….Aurora, Colorado no less.  Peter was born at Swedish Hospital and graduated from Cherry Creek High School and CSU.  Bethany went to Overland High School and played basketball for Davidson College in North Carolina.  They met at church some 35 years ago and reconnected after college.  Peter started riding when he was about 27 years old and Bethany started cycling in a spin class at about the same age.  They have not ridden Lookout for about the last ten years because their free time is generally dedicated to looking after their 7 year old and 3 year old offspring.  Cherry Creek Reservoir is a bit closer to home for rides when they are not involved with the CHSAA (her job- yup, she is still involved heavily in high school athletics)  

As an engineer, Peter works for Ascent Solar.  

His interesting cycling story involves a planned crossing Chile (about 260 miles in two days) with his brother and another rider.  They had not quite prepared for handling a blown tire, so they hitched a ride with a truck driver and were locked in a trailer for 150 miles, really wondering how the situation would eventually resolve itself.  They survived with big sighs of relief and a lifetime story to tell.  

Good talking to both of you.  Thank you for your time.