Jose is originally from Costa Rica.  He attended the University of Virginia to get his degree in aerospace engineering.  He is now a software engineer for Datadog which provides data monitoring and security.  

His interest in our sport came from watching cycling races on the television.  He has been here in Colorado for about a year and a half and he supplements his riding with jogging and hiking.  (He has picked up on the Colorado lifestyle rather quickly.). He wants to improve his climbing on a bike, so he rides Lookout and also starts at the IBM campus outside Boulder and rides up to Jamestown.  In addition, he enjoys chugging up to Artist’s Point on Flagstaff.  He compares that ride to Lookout in that “the up part is the workout and the descent is enjoyable, but potentially much more dangerous due to first-  closing speeds between the cars and bikes and second-  blind corners”. Jose is one smart cyclist with good common sense.  

Also on this day, I saw Jaime Lopez who told me that he has already RUN 83 laps on Lookout in 2023.  That total is probably higher even since Sunday.