Talking with Janette happened after she had ridden Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park this last weekend.  Cars were still not allowed to climb the one-way lane uphill, so she thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the beautiful scenery from her bicycle.  

Janette grew up in Ojai, a town in Southern California and graduated from the University of Oregon in Eugene.  She was a journalism major, but after graduating, she gained experience with NPR.  She worked marketing in health care. She worked at ski resorts….and in marketing for Yeti and True Communications.  THEN she started her own business.  She is now owner and founder of M and B Collective.  (She named her business after the initials of the names of her dogs, Maui and, I think, Blue.)

She now runs the social media for Team Evergreen, so she has Hundo, the Triple Bypass, the Mount Evans Hill Climb, the Session Mountain Bike Series, the Beti Bike Bash and the Salida 76 events to promote.  Whew!  

She lived and worked in Alaska for a bit also and mentioned that seeing moose in Alaska is as common as seeing rabbits in Colorado…but cautioned that moose don’t always run the other way when you spot them.  The opposite may be true, in fact.