These cyclists were riding together as friends to train for the Double Bypass this summer.  

Sarah, on the left, is from Kansas City and attended John Brown University, a small Christian school in the Ozarks.  She played soccer there and later got a graduate degree from the University of Denver in social work.  She met the other riders through a church group.  

Stephanie Dankel next to her is originally from Dallas and attended Clemson for her undergraduate work.  She then attended  law school at the University of Denver and presently works at a “boutique law firm” in downtown Denver.  She has finished four Double Bypass rides.  

Josh Crouch grew up in Moscow- not Idaho- but in Russia.  He was educated in English speaking schools and has lost a bit of his understanding of the Russian spoken word since leaving the Soviet Union at eighteen years old. He complimented the beauty of the architecture in Moscow and said that a the public transportation made it easy to get around the city.  He left Russia to attend college at John Brown University in the U.S.

Meredith Stricker on the right is originally from Asheville, NC and went to college at UNC at Chapel Hill and finished her MBA at the University of Arkansas.  She has worked for a non profit (Workforce Development?) for eight years.  Originally a city biker, she now revels in her mountain excursions.