Sosi borrowed her sister’s bicycle to ride Lookout Mountain with her father, Peter, on Father’s Day.  It was a very nice gesture, but Sosi is a much faster climber than her father and she waited at the top to encourage her Dad in the last stretch up to the Buffalo Bill’s turnoff.  She and her very capable sisters come from good stock- cycling and professional.  

Sosi has been a hospital administrator for about 8-10 years and presently works at Children’s Hospital.  Her graduation from the University of Colorado led her to graduate work at Emory University in Atlanta, close to her husband’s youthful haunts. She would ride her bike to work in the Georgia humidity and look forward to the Rails to Trails bike paths outside the city for the weekend rides.  

She has taken a family vacation to ride in Slovenia, Austria and Italy and looks forward to cycling in Columbia and Argentina at some point.  

As she looks for a new bicycle for herself, she likes the idea of a gravel bike and mentions that she thinks the components make bigger difference than whether the frame is carbon or steel.