Paul was riding a vintage 1982 Miyata 1000 Touring bicycle on this cloudy Sunday morning. His older bicycle’s first adventure was a trip from New York City to Montreal, then on to Chicago. His other bicycle is a Specialized model, but the old Miyata appears to be in fine shape even now.  He said that his goal on Lookout, which he rides once a month, is to pass another cyclist on his way up the mountain.

Originally from Atlanta, Paul has coached tennis for the last thirty five years.  Previously coach at the seventh oldest institution of higher education in the United States- Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, he is currently the tennis coach at the University of Denver.  He recruits tennis prodigies from all over the world and the team regularly goes to the nationals.  The DU team is ranked in the top 50 of the 325 schools with tennis programs in the United States.  

He still has a house in Dublin, New Hampshire and enjoys cycling the rolling terrain in New England when he is there.  One of his favorite cycling vacations was in Scotland back in 1989.  

He has broken the head off his femur while simply making a U-turn on his bicycle and falling. (Does this sounds familiar, Rick?) He also sports a prosthetic knee, so his personal tennis game has lost the edge of mobility that he used to have.  But he still comes to Lookout Mountain to chase any slower cyclist up the hill.