Patty Grew up in Centennial and attended Littleton, High School.  She attended Southwest Texas State University and was married prior to graduating, so instead of a BA, she received an MRS.  She and her husband have two sons and she has worked as a flight attendant for Frontier Airlines for twenty nine years.  

In spite of working for the airlines, she has not yet cycled abroad, though she has a trip to Italy planned and may scout the terrain out for riding at that time.  She spent more time running, hiking and skiing before  tearing her ACL and having her knee replaced.  She also has a prosthetic hip, so, as so many older athletes have done before her, she eventually became a cyclist.  She even has a cycling accident to her credit, having experienced rain and hail on Squaw Pass which caused her to go down and break her collarbone.

Welcome to the club, Patty.  It certainly is not uncommon for the topic of bicycle crashes to come up among veteran cyclists.  But like Patty, we almost all recover and continue cycling.