Greg rode from 20th and Youngfield to the top of Mount Evans with his friend, John Miller.  When they returned, John told Greg that they needed to keep riding for another six tenths of a mile.  When Greg questioned the necessity of the extra distance, John responded that they had only ridden 99.4 miles to that point.  So they finished the cycling century that included summitting Mount Evans.

Greg is not only a Colorado native, his father wrote for the Rocky Mountain News after starting as a writer in the Navy and hiring on with the RMNews as a Linotype operator.  Greg graduated from Thornton High School and Kansas State University.  (He mentioned that Manhattan, Kansas is locally referred to as the “Little Big Apple” thanks to the its nominal comparison to the island where NYC is located.)  He was “mostly a runner” during his lifetime athletic career, even though he finished 14 versions of Ride the Rockies.  He has cycled around New Zealand in a solo adventure and dived, attached to a Bungi cord, off a bridge there in Skipper’s Canyon.  A culinary revelation while on the trip regarded the use of goat cheese on the local pizzas to add a bit of a different flavor.