This was a crazy day on Lookout Mountain for the cyclists.  A fatal situation on I-70 diverted heavy traffic and long trailers to the Lookout descent.  Fortunately the ascending traffic was light and the vehicles coming down the mountain were cautious.

If you have ever met Jamie, you are very fortunate because she is delightfully friendly and conversational.  She described her upbringing as that of a “Railroad Brat” which meant that the family relocated fairly often as she was growing up.  Hence she developed a very adaptable, gregarious personality. Her two daughters have experienced a similar upbringing since Jamie and her husband toured the U.S. experiencing the “Van Life” following the mountain bike circuit for two and half years.  She finally decided that being a homeschool mom while operating her business was a bit much. They have settled down for the last two years here at the bottom of Golden Gate Canyon (for now anyway, wink, wink). Her husband leans more toward gravel and road, while Jamie is just happy to be on two wheels of any kind.

She has owned her business, O2 Events, as an event producer for the last eight years. In her free time, she spends any chance possible on her bike riding with Team Evergreen and helps to guide new riders with Girls, Gears and Beers (GGB).

Lookout is among her top five favorite cycling venues (“the views never get old”) as well as the Three Sisters Trail near Evergreen, the new Rutabaga at LOTB, and any delicious gravel. She has also done the rails to trails – Katy Trail in Missouri.

Give Jamie a generous greeting if you see her.  You will not be disappointed.