You might be hard pressed to find another athlete in his mid-eighties as fit as Doctor Bill.  (Well, OK, Bill Meyers and Scott Tucker are probably in the same category as Bill.) But Bill does it all and he just will not quit.  He rows, he rides, he runs and you may just find him strength training at Lifetime Fitness to stay prepared for these activities.  AND he is still working at the clinic that he started- the Lone Tree Veterinary Clinic.

Bill graduated from the University of Illinios- Champagne/Urbana and completed his surgical residency in Fort Collins at CSU. He then joined the Air Force to be part of the Sentry Dog Program.  

He had to give up competitive handball due to his sore shoulders.  He has run the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb 37 times and has done the double (ascent and ‘round trip on back to back days) five times.  He still climbs the Manitou Springs Incline once a week.

And he still has all his original parts.  That is saying something considering the use he has put those parts through.

Good on you, Doctor Bill.  You are an incredible example of lifetime endurance- a fitness Bulldog, so to speak.