Ned and Margaret dress alike.  The reason will be evident a bit later in this profile.  

Ned used to teach at the Colorado School of Mines.  His classes included Machine Design and Thermodynamics.  He grew up in downstate New York, but attended college at San Diego State University in California.  His post graduate work was done at CU Boulder and his post doctorate work was accomplished at Mines.  He has moved on from his teaching and now works with a company in Louisville or Lafayette, riding his bicycle to work whenever possible. His favorite bicycle route is up Flagstaff to eat macaroons at a coffee shop in Nederland. 

Margaret did some event planning, but for the most part was mother to two sons and twin girls which kept her very busy.  

The jerseys sport artistic designs from their daughter Martha.  Sadly Martha (an avid mountain biker) developed Ewing sarcoma cancer at 13 years old and passed away when she was 20 years old.  Ned and Margaret raised $240,000 in her memory for the Courage Classic bicycle ride, probably by far the largest amount raised that year.

Ned and Margaret continue to raise money in her memory