When I approached Dave, he suggested that he was not enough of a serious cyclist for me to interview.  I am glad that he backed off that presumption, because he has traveled the world pursuing his solo cycling.

Fifty nine year old Dave grew up in Wheatridge, attending Everett Middle School and Wheatridge High School.  He attended college at Fort Lewis, CU Denver and the University of New Mexico.  He then worked a construction job in Durango. He is now a math teacher at Bear Creek High School.  He used to commute to his job until he was hit by a car and now is a bit more cautious of the automobile traffic.  He does admit to being an avid long distance solo cyclist (a bit of an understatement).  Dave has cycled both the Colorado trail (486 miles) AND the Continental Divide Trail from the Mexican border (Antelope Wells, N.M.) well into Canada, finishing in Banff (42 days).  He rode the coast of Portugal into Spain and then followed the Camino Santiago. He has cycled from Lima, Peru to Cusco…from Paris to Switzerland, through Italy in many directions, visiting Fano, Venice, and Rome…. from Vienna, Austria through the Dolomites to Geneva, Switzerland. Almost all of his cycling has been solo and independent.

Dave would like to see the Jefferson County signs dedicated to cyclists who have been killed in accidents on the road to show a picture of a ghost (white) bicycle….and maybe flashing lights to signal motorists that a cyclist is on the road ahead.

And he recommends the biscuits at the Rise and Shine restaurant on 29th and Sheridan.  Thanks, Dave.  You have some great cycling stories.