Logan is a Lookout Mountain Rider who grew up in Colorado, moved away to go to college and eventually headed back to her home state to settle down…..well, settling down is not exactly a term that describes her well.

She is originally a Ken Caryl resident who went to Duke University for her higher education because she had some family in that part of the country.  Then she moved on to New York City to become a tech consultant and now designs websites, in particular THE website for Core Power Yoga.  She is an athlete and a techie.  This sounds very familiar for someone who rides Lookout Mountain.  But for the most part, she is an off-road mountain biker.   

She is very familiar with the Apex Trail and heads to Moab/Fruita for even more excitement.  On Wednesdays, it is not unusual for 3-15 of the 60 people who enjoy group riding at White Ranch to gather for a ride on the trails west of Denver.  Even North Table Mountain is fair game for an outing.  Her one favorite escapade that I have not personally considered is night riding.  

Keep up that outdoorsy attitude, Logan!