I really thought that this day would be too cold and too snowy to ride. For me, that was true.  The road was icy thanks to the recent heavy snowfall and the weather had not become warm enough to melt the ice on the road on the shaded sections of the climb.  A road bike was pretty much out of the question, but leave it to someone from Buffalo, New York to come prepared.  George lives in Wheatridge now and is a physical therapist in Thornton.  He moved here from Missouri in 1995, so he is well traveled and was ready for mountain cycling when he arrived.  He really enjoys the Amasaback Trail in Moab and Deer Park in Crested Butte. His children love to camp, so mountain biking is a recreation for the family.

George would like to thank Jefferson County for maintaining the road during the snowy weather.  But it takes someone who is winter weather adapted to even challenge the situation and confirm that observation.  That person is George Jakab.