This year Robert Thompson was making the rounds of the senior games circuit in different states.  Most recently he completed in the 5K timed trial and the 40K road race in Arkansas on October 15th.  He won them both.  His wife even enjoys his travels as they stop in places like the Ozarks and Branson, MO during their adventures.  Robert finished in the middle of the pack in the 2019 national championships in Albuquerque.  His fastest time in the 5K timed trial was 7:02 and he followed that up with a 7:20.

A native to north Denver, he attended North High School when he lived just south of Regis College.  His time in community college got him started in the printing industry and the 1972 Olympics got him started cycling on his old Schwinn.  The next year he entered his first citizen’s race on a Motobecane and he was amazed at the speed required to just stay up with the pack.

By 2002 he was competitive enough to join the Cobras and the Schwab Cycling Team.  Fortunately his supportive wife has helped nurse him through four cycling-caused concussions, one which held him out of work for three months.  After one of them, he rode his bike home.  After another crash, he lost enough skin “to make another me”.

That is quite a cycling history for a person who started in the sport as an asthmatic.